Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fudge Urban "Iced Raspberry an Vanilla Hairspray ♡REVIEW♡

Before purchasing this, I had been trying to get hold of it for literally months, which although proves frustrating, just shows how popular it is!!!

Usually I'm not a massive fan of using hairspray's as they seem not to agree with my nose! I usually end up in fits of sneezing with a migraine; and to be honest I just really can't stand the smell of hairspray!!!This is what interested me in this Hairspray as it is scented, so now horrible headache inducing smell!

Another thing I Love about this product is the packaging; Fudge Urban have gone to soo much detail even down to the the spray nozzle colour co-coordinating  with the body of the can - I know, I'm "sad" but pretty package pleases me and I often find if the packaging is pretty the more I subconsciously tend to reach for and use it more.

Getting on to the actual product it's self. I find that it gives a really nice finish and doesn't leave the hair feeling "crunchy" or "stiff" like some others can (another reason I'm not usually too keen on hairspray!) I also find its great at holding Volume in hair and taming any flyaway's which I may have, prevents my hair getting frizzy and keeps my hair looking smooth which is sometimes a problem. It doesn't have the strongest hold in comparison to other hairspray's I've tried in the past, but if I'm honest I much prefer the finish this gives as it doesn't really add a texture to the hair which I personally prefer and I find that it gives enough hold for day to day use; I think the holding power would only be a problem if you were to use it to hold an "unnatural" or "intricate" - with that being said if you were to be more liberal when applying  it to your hair I think it would do the job pretty well.

The smell of this product, as you would imagine is amazing and it doesn't smell your your conventional hairspray at all. Now I'm going to try and describe the smell but honestly I'm the WORST at describing smells. The main smell as you would imagine is raspberry and is quite sweet with a very subtle hint on vanilla - this is possibly one of the nicest smells of a hair product I have tried.

The only downside to this product is that it isn't the cheapest of hairspray's - it's costs £4.99 at Superdrug and £5.29 at Boots - that being said it quite often on offer so keep a look out when your browsing in Superdrug or Boots. Because hairspray isn't something I get through rapidly and lasts me quite a while I feel that I can justify the price!

Fudge Urban have a whole range of other beautiful scented products which I'm dying to try!!!
Have you tried any other Fudge Urban Products? What's your favourite hairspray?
Let me know in the comments below - also feel free to ask questions in the comments too as I'd love to answer them!!!


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