Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Beauty Addiction: Nail Varnish

Now every beauty lover has a different addition, for some it might be blush, lipstick or even foundation. For me however the coveted item is nail varnish. For about the past 4 years I have worn nail polish everyday without fail, and for some unknown reason every time time I happened to walk past a selection a new nail polish would fall into my basket (accidentally of course!) and find a new home in my drawer.

Now up until a week or so ago when re-arranging my make up storage I had a quick tally-up of nail polish and ashamedly have 48 nail polishes! Which is shocking because I actually wear them all on a regular basis. I think a large contributing factor is that I constantly change my nails at lest 4 times a week (often daily).

For me it's the mashusive array pretty colours that for unknown reason I can just not say no to! However as hard as it may be I am at least going to try to resist the temptation to add new nail polishes into my basket when next in Boots,... and walk swiftly to the lipsticks instead!
 Whats your beauty addiction?



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    1. Aww Thank you!

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