Sunday, 23 March 2014

Problems of a Pale Girl: Rimmel True Match Foundation Review

Anyone with pale skin will know of the torturous task of trying to find a foundation which matches your skin tone. Now as a lover of all things beauty I am aware that their are many high end brands which have a great range of paler foundations (Nars for example) however I personally do not have a budget of £30+ for just one foundation (oh if only...). Anyway I can successfully say after 5 years of searching I have now found a suitable match for my ghostish complextion and its super affordable too!

When looking in Boots a couple of weeks ago at the Rimmel Counter at their Kate Moss lipsticks (which I also purchased, oops!) I found the one, Rimmel London Match perfection in "010 Light Porcelain". Now I had previously purchased this foundation in "100 Ivory" assuming this was the lightest shade and really liked it. I have combination skin (oily/dry) and found that it had a great coverage with looking cakey or unnatural and stayed on my skin well but yet again the issue was shade so I chose not to repurchase and continue the hunt. Cannot express my joy at finding out that their was an even lighter shade and purchased it imediatley. The colour is perfect, it has a neutral undertone which is great as I have neither a pink or yellow undertone which is usually wear drugstore foundations always fail me. The foundation reatils for just £6.99 which is amazing if you ask me!

Whats your favourite Foundation? Have any great recomendations for me?


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