Sunday, 29 December 2013

Review: Sleek "Au Naturel" Pallete

So as a lover of all things beauty I like to try as many different beauty products as within my reach. As with being "new" to beauty products, at the moment I am concentrating on building up a healthy (or as most would see it unhealthy" make up collection) A staple everyday eyeshadow pallette was something I had been looking for, for quite sometime now and I think I may have found it; in the form of the Sleek "au naturel" pallette.

The pallette consits of 12  neutral shades both a mixture of matt and shimmer. There are 8 matt shades: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Bark, Regal and Noir; and 4 shimmery shades:Taupe, Conker, Moss and Mineral Earth.

Personally I tend to prefer more matter shades so this pallette is perfect; although I find that the shimmery shades are actually really wearable as the glitter is quite fine and not too chunky which I somethimes find with other shimmer eyeshadows. These shadows have good pigmentation and also find they have good staying power even without a eyeprimer, which is great! The texture of shadows is lovely; they have a silky creamy-like texture and are not chalky at all.

Sleek have also done a great job of making the packing look, well, sleek. For me a major part when buying makeup is the packaging. The pallette contains a large mirror, which is great, it also feels really well made and sturdy, which if your anything like me is an added bonus!

Overall I'd say this is a lovely pallete, especially for the (available for £7.99 at Superdrug, Boots or the Sleek website its self). I would also recommend having a nosey at the other 14 coulour options availble: if your a naturals kind-of -a gal like myself I  would also recommend checking out the "Storm" and "Oh So Special" palletes (well theres another 2 items added to my beauty wish list!)

I'd love it if you guys could let me know your favourite eyeshadow Pallettes, I always love discoving new Products!


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