Saturday, 28 December 2013

So... That was 2013

So another year is nearly at an end, and how was it for you guys? I have to be honest and I've had better, and certainly worse!

For me 2013 just seemed to consist of allot of stress, deadlines, pressure and decision making (none of which I am a big fan of). I completed my GCSE's this and didn't end up too shabby (to be perfectly honest this is where the majority of the stress and misery of 2013 came from) and didn't end up too shabby; the end of 2013 really started to get better from their on out; i started my a-levels and am doing all the subjects i wish i could do and am really enjoying it, even though there is a hefty workload accompanying by this!!!

I have decided that I'm not going to make a "New Years resolution" but instead think about what place in my life i want to be next year, things i want to do and achieve by this time next year. I am also determinded to not let the little things in life bother me so much and have a more "C'est la vie" outlook on life.

I also plan to blog alot more, possibly thinking a blog post every week or so aswell as I do like writting blog posts (when I find the time) so i am going to try to make time. I would also like to discover and read some new blogs so please leave the name of your blog of a link in the comments and i'll be sure to "pop-over" and have a read.

I hope that everyone who reads this has a very happy new year.

Roll on 2014!!!

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