Sunday, 18 December 2016

Zoella Beauty Christmas Collection - Gingerbread and Vanilla Fragrance Set & Hungry Hands Hand Cream Review

I love Christmas and I love Christmas scents, there honestly my favourite! So, I think like most beauty blog followers I was very excited when Zoe announced her Christmas range and that it was GINGERBREAD scented. I love gingerbread (so much so that almost the entirety of the decorations on my tree in my bedroom are gingerbread themed!) so this pleased me immensely!

The First product I knew I had to get my hands on was the "Hungry Hands" hand cream as like most people my hands suddenly resemble those of a reptile when winter hits and are in need some serious TLC. I usually opt for The Body Shop hand creams as I find that they do a really good job at leaving my hands feeling nourished but not greasy whilst still being pretty affordable, however after trying this one out its safe to say that I have found a new favourite. Like The Body Shop hand creams, they are super moisturising without leaving your hands greasy afterward, but I also find that "Hungry Hands" leaves my hands feeling nourished for longer and really absorbs into the skin, so  the cream is actually improving the dryness of my hands as opposed to just masking it with a layer of moisture that sits on the skin -it's also better value for money as you get 3 times the amount of product in comparison to The Body Shop hand cream for the same price (£5), so I will definitely be stocking up before it disappears after Christmas. The Scent is also lovely! Zoe did a very good job in choosing a gingerbread scent that isn't overpoweringly spicy, as although I love really strong and spicy gingerbread  I know some people can find them too overpowering, so with the addition of the vanilla it has created a scent that is still very festive but won't blow your nostrils off! So it would be perfect for anyone!

The packing has a lovely traditional feel to it with the red and gold on the brown paper background which I don't think you could make more festive if you tried!

The other item in the Christmas collection I knew I had to pick up is the "GingerBread and Vanilla Fragrance Set" which is a beautiful gift set containing a body mist and body cream. Again like the majority of the products in the Christmas range, they again share the same gorgeous gingerbread scent. I was surprised just how strong the scent actually is with the body spray  and how long it lasts once spayed, I'd say it definitely has a payoff that is closer to an Eau De Toilette than a standard body mist.

The Bottle of the Body Mist feels and looks much more luxurious than it actually is, with metal gold and raised foil writing on the bottle, and of course the super cute little gingerbread men on the reverse of the bottle,which is probably my favourite thing about the packing as I just think it a genius idea as you can see them through the bottle at the front. 

The other item in the gift set is a body cream. I have tried a couple of Zoe's body creams before and I really love them, so much so when I found out that the tutti frutti range was being discontinued I stocked up on the body cream from the range. I find them to leave my skin feeling very soft and they don't take an eternity to sink into the skin, so you can get dressed pretty much straight away after applying, and the ginger cream is no different. I also like that the fragrance of the cream is strong enough for the scent to linger on the skin but is not soo strong that it overpowers any perfume that you're wearing.

The products also come beautifully packaged in the brown box with red detailing which I think really complements the styling of the products and ties it all together nicely, which makes it a lovely gift to give someone (or just a wonderful treat for yourself!), especially as it is only £10 which is a pretty good deal as the body mists retail for £8 on their own! I honestly think any of the products from Zoella's Christmas range would make a lovely gift as they all come wonderfully packaged so they look beautiful so any beauty lover would not be disappointed!

Is there anything that you've picked up from the Zoella Beauty Christmas range that I should check out before it's gone?

The Zoella Beauty Christmas Range is available in store and online in Superdrug and online at Feel Unique until Christmas.

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