Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Christmas Range

The Body Shop is one of the brands that I get most excited for when it comes to the release of limited edition collections, especially at Christmas time and this year they did not disappoint! They have actually released products in 3 different limited edition festive scents - "Spiced Apple", "Frosted Berries" and Vanilla Chai, which is the one I am going to be sharing my thoughts on today.

The products in the Vanilla Chai range are scented with, vanilla, cardamon and star anise, which just invokes the smell of Christmas entirely. It really reminds me of the smells you get when you're baking at Christmas so it has a lovely warm and homely spicy scent with some sweetness to it.

They have a whole aray of different products available in this gorgeous scent, but I decided to limit myself to just picking up my favourite body products that they do, because in all honesty all the products look amazing!

Firstly I picked up the Shower gel as it's always an item that I'm guarenteed to buy when I love the smell of it as it means I get the enjoyment of the scent every single day! I really like The Body Shop shower gels as all though they're are slightly more pricey at £5.00 in comparison to your regular drugstore one I find that they are much better quallity and go a hell of a lot further which means one bottle lasts a pretty long time!

When I saw that they did a Body Scrub in this scent I HAD to pick it up! I tried the one from there Pinita Colada collection in the summer and loved it! It's deffinately on the pricer side at £15.00, but I really like the texture of them as they are slightly thinner than other scrubs I have tried so you dont need to use as much as it's easier to spred across the skin. The particles are also finer, so they are gentler on the skin but still does at great job at exfoliating.

And of course, what would a Body Shop collection be without there much loved Body Butter. They are amazing and one of the best body moistriser I have tried - especially this one as it smells delicious! You also get a decent size tub for £14.00 as well!

I'd deffinately pick up some of these products before they disapear after Christmas. They'd also make some pretty amazing christmas gifts if you're still stuck what to but for someone (or as a little pre-christmas treat for yourself!) The Body Shop also has 40% off instore and online  until the 21st so now is deffinately a good time to get your hands on a few bits.

Have you tried any bits from The Body Shop Christmas Ranges? Let me know what you thought of them!

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