Saturday, 7 November 2015

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Lightscapade" Review - The Perfect Pale Highlighter

When I first discovered MAC the very first product I lusted over was their Mineralize Skinfinsh in "Soft and Gentle" which was THEE holy grail highlighter to have back in the summer of 2012. So fast forward to November 2014 on my 18th birthday it was at the top of my wish list, but, unfortunately for me having a birthday soo close to Christmas means it was sold out everywhere! So I started looking at what other MSF MAC had to offer and discovered it in the shade in "Lightscapade"; which I had previously been launched as part of the Hayley Williams (from Paramore) but is now part of their permanent collection!

Firstly the package, like all MAC, is lovely - I really love how sleek and almost basic MAC packaging is with the black compact and the MAC logo in white - I also love that the compact has a clear section on the top so the product can be seen through the lid (this is especially helpful when you have an extensive amount of beauty products! The lid of the compact is magnetized, so it is easy to open, especially if your a false nails wearer!

The overall base colour of the highlighter is a beautiful very pale creamy yellow with peach and baby blue veining throughout, which in the pan look gorgeous; however when swatched or applied to the skin the peach and blue veining can not obviously be seen, but blends in to the pale cream base which gives it a really nice depth and dimension when applied to the skin so it doesn't look like a flat finish on the skin, which I personally think makes it look more natural and allows it to blend into the skin better.

The texture of the powder itself, has a lovely creamy texture that blends on the skin really well and has a shimmer running throughout it as opposed to a chunky glitter, which personally I'm not a fan of, so I absolutely love the finish of this! The product can both be used to create natural and more dramatic looks as it can be applied lightly using it looser packed brush (like the Real Techniques Setting Brush) or be built up and be applied to more concentrated areas of the face using a fan brush.
 When highlighting I like to apply this product to the top of my cheeks, bridge of the nose, cupids bow (the top pick of the upper lip) and the inner corner of the eyes; I also think it would make such a beautiful brow bone highlight, but I have yet to use it for that as I already have a quite prominent brow bone and so I tend to use a matte light light coloured powder which lifts the brows without enhancing them as I don't really want to look like Herman Munster (Google it!) so I never use shimmer here, but if you do I think you who LOVE this product for it!

Overall I would absolutely recommend this highlighter as I love everything about the product itself with the only downside being that it costs £24.00, so it is on the pricier side, however it has been my go to highlighter for nearly the past year and as you can see I have barely made a dent! So it's definitely not going to be running out anytime soon!

Whats your thoughts on  the Mineralize Skinfinshes from MAC? Do you have any favourite  Highlighters? -let me know in the comments below, a girl can never have too many hightlighters! ;)

Jilly xx 
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MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh - £24.00

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