Friday, 23 December 2016

Wickford & Co Christmas Candles - The Perfect Yankee Candle Dupes

Although I love burning candles all year, I especially love burning them in the winter, particularly at Christmas time as I just think that having a candle burning creates a lovely cosy and homely atmosphere which you cannot beat!

My favourite candles that I have tried are Yankee Candle's, but as I like to burn candles all the time it can work out very expensive as they are £21.99 each for a large jar, so I'm always on the hunt for brands that produce candles that can live up to Yankee - and I think I may have found a pretty good dupe  - and the best part is that they are only £2.99!

When I was in Home Bargains I came across a brand that I hadn't seen before - Wickford & Co, with an array of festive scented loveliness, and oh my, they smell delicious! They had Several different ones to choose from but I decided to only pick up my two favourites, which were "Gingerbread" and "Warm Apple & Cinnamon".

If you saw my blog post from earlier in the week on Zoella's Christmas Range (Here), then you will already know that gingerbread is my favourite festive scent! This candle is probably the best gingerbread scent that I have found - it smells exactly like you have just baked a fresh batch of Gingerbread which is amazing! Although it does make you feel kinda hungry! This one also has a really strong scent; you don't even need to burn it to make the whole room smell, you just have to take the lid off, which is pretty impressive!

The "Warm Apple & Cinnamon" candle has much more of a traditional scent and something that I would usually associate with Christmas. It smells just like a spicy apple crumble so it gives the room a lovely homely feel to the room when you're burning it! This one has a really lovely scent too when burned, although it's not quite as strong as the gingerbread one it does have better payoff than other candles that I have tried before that were more expensive, so it's definitely worth the money.

I'd recommend popping into your local Home Bargain's and try to track them down as they are amazing quality for only £2.99! It might be soo close to Christmas to find the festive scented range but they did have some regular scents as well that I would image they would sell all year round that I would definitely suggest trying! Alternatively, Wickford & Co might be available to buy online, but I haven't been to find them yet, so if you do I'd love to know as I definitely want to purchase some more in the future!

What's your favourite Christmas candle or scent?

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