Sunday, 17 March 2013

Soap and Glory Pulp-Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub Review

I have a love for all Soap and Glory products (well more of an obsession to tell the truth) and have recently acquired another product to my growing collection as a gift. So since I've started blogging now I thought I would write a cheeky little Review about it, so here goes...

Every Soap and Glory Product I come across I seem to instantly love and this product is no exception. The scrub contains fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice and vitamin balls (whatever they are haha). The tiny particles of pumice do a great job of getting rid of dry, rough or dead skin. I personally have pale and sensitive skin so an awful lot of body scrubs often leave my skin a bright blotchy red and feeling sore and irritable, However I have been used this product multiples and it has done neither which is great. After I have used this product I can instantly tell the difference in my skin after one use (I am guessing this is down to the exfoliation of the pumice or the vitamin balls). The only down side to this product is that I only use it in the shower as the tiny particles of pumice gather at the bottom of the bath and don't leave a great feeling for the remainder of your bath, this could be resolved by using this product last (which I didn't when I tried). This being said I still love this product and now just use it in the shower as I have other exfolents  I can use in the bath.

The Fragrance of this product "Fruitigo Fragrance" lives up to the amazing scent of all the Soap and
Glory Products which is a massive part of why I love these products soo much. With Frozen yuzu, Orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence it has a really fresh and "zingy" fragrance so I personally use in the morning as it perfect because of its bright scent and is super refreshing, it has a real "wake me up" feel to it. I would have to say that the dominant sent would have to be the jungle pomelo essence as their isn't a strong smell of orange oil which I love as I'm not a massive fan of orange scented wash or scrub products.

I would also say that because of it foamy soap like texture it could also act as a kind of wash as well (Personally I use both)

Like all Soap and Glory Products it is available at Boots with a £8.00 Price tag. For some people this may be relatively expensive for a body scrub (as it is for me) but a little goes a long way (especially as it foams up when added to water and worked into the skin)- two £2 coin sized pieces (3 at the max) should be all you need per go which I don't think is to bad!
I really advise that you give this product a go as it is amazing or at least pop into Boots and give it a sniff (like a weirdo ;) ) to experience the amazing smell which if your like me will probably tempt you to buy it haha
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  1. this is my all time favourite but i cant always afford it... but when i can its more than worth it - use it on my face as well and leaves my skin lush (mine is like yours from what you said:) ).. great review :)

  2. I know, I make it last! Aww thank you soo much :)