Friday, 10 May 2013

Slacking on the blog front...

I'm so so so sorry that I haven't been blogging much recently. At the moment I've had a lot going on. mostly to do with the crapload of coursework and revision I have been doing in aid of my GCSE's (if any of you have done GCSE's or our in Year 11 at the moment you will understand what complete hell it is) and in the little spare time I have had after sitting in front of a computer all day doing IT coursework and writing endless evaluations I haven't particularly felt like sitting down to write a blog post (more like collapsing on my bed!) no matter how much I love blogging!

However I do still want to blog so in 5 weeks when all my exams shall be over I will be able to put so much more into blogging. Hopefully I will also be able to make up for lost time as I will have 4 months of completely no school before all the madness starts again with A-level!!!

So if anyone happens to stumble across this blog (which is very unlikely!) please DON'T think this is a "dead" blog, it's just the start :) Apologies that this is quite a dull post but it had to be done!


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